Shock Collars for Dogs

I know that shock collars are a controversial topic for pet owners. I was ambivalent about it at first. However, we quickly realized our beagle/walker mix pup, Hopper, has no self-control when it comes to his nose. We knew we had to do something. At the time, we were living in a neighborhood and hadn’t put up our fence yet. Hopper is an escape artist…and his big-little brother, Banx the Golden Retriever, was bound to follow- despite his “good behavioral genes”.

The remote has 3 mode options: beep, vibrate, and shock. Each mode has numbers ranging from 0-100. Most of the time, I just beep them to let them know they have gone too far and they usually turn around and come back. When we only had Hopper, I had originally bought the single collar/remote combo. However, when we got Banx, I chose to just buy the two collars to one remote combo! It works great as I can just carry one remote to control both collars. Banx listens better so its mostly for Hopper. Ya’ll know beagles are hard-headed! Another great thing about the beep option is that sometimes I just can’t visualize where they are- like if they walk around the side of the house when I am on the front porch. If I can hear the beep, I know they’re still close and haven’t ran off chasing a squirrel or my cat. If I don’t hear the beep and they don’t come to me right away, I will buzz the collar with the vibrate mode and that usually makes them come quicker!

The shock collar combo has saved my sweet boys’ lives… seriously. One day, we were at my in-laws’ house when the dogs took off out the door headed straight for the road. There were several cars coming at about 45 mph and I would DIE if I lost my babies, especially in such a traumatic way. Right before they got to the blacktop, I hit shock, switched to remote 2, then hit shock again. Both dogs yelped but stopped and turned right back around just before the cars passed. THIS is why I use them.

I do not believe in people punishing their dogs by shocking them. The only time I ever use the shock option is during events that are life threatening or in cases where they are running after something and I can’t stop them. (Talking about a beagle here…) Anyone who knows us knows that our dogs are like children to use! They sleep in our beds and get birthday parties with pup cakes, candles, and presents. Lastly, the pups LOVE their Pet Trainer collars! When they see us pick up the collars or hear the beep to turn them on, they are jumping up and down, excited because they know that means they get to venture out of the backyard fence. 🙂

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