Ok but first, coffee.

This is one of my favorite outfits to lounge around the house in on my day off. I wake up, hear the roosters crowing, then the birds are chirping and the sun is coming up. It’s time to brew a pot of coffee. I have finally gotten my coffee ground-to-water ratio figured out since I stopped using the Keurig. It saves money, its cheaper, and it tastes better.

For the Keurig- I actually bought a reusable insert that you just put your favorite coffee grounds in. This also saves money and is better for the environment!

Also- a tip for making your bed extra cozy is to size up on your comforter! I have a queen bed but use king size comforters! (Helps when your partner steals the covers!)

There are several cute and comfy options for this top. For the shorts, you should size up. These are a size medium. I have them in black and gray! For the slippers, you should also size up! They come in multiple colors as well!

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