The Best Affordable Robot Vacuum

I want to tell you about my experience with the Shark Ion Robot because I have been using it for almost a year and a half and still love it. My best friend sent me one for Christmas in 2018 and it has been the best gift I’ve ever received. We have 3 dogs so fur is a problem in our house (very high traffic)! I felt like I was ALWAYS cleaning floors. It wasn’t until I started using the robot vacuum that I could just wake up, push the start button, and drink my coffee while the “floors cleaned themselves” like I had always dreamed. (You can also control it from your phone!)

One thing I would like to add is that the customer service is amazing. My friend had ordered the warranty when he bought it on amazon. When my robot started making a funny noise a few months later, they sent me a brand new one- no problem! I honestly think we did something to it because part of our carpet in the old house was tore up from the dogs and we kept letting the vacuum go over it- not paying attention. When that happened, of course the carpet rolled up in it which is not good for anything. We have had the replacement ever since with no issues!!

This version of the robot does not memorize a route like some do. Feel free to explore your options if you prefer that! My Shark just bounces around randomly and honestly, I’ve never felt that it left the floor dirty. I let it run until the battery gets low and it takes itself back to the charging station. I empty it after each run because of how much fur and dirt we deal with. This is done by holding it over your trash can and pushing the button underneath to release it. I also clean the roller each time for the same reason. People without lots of fur children in the house probably don’t have to empty it as much as I do. At the bottom of the page, I linked the replacement parts kit I ordered which comes with a handy brush/cleaner I like to use!

The robot also comes with a long magnetic strip that stops it from going to an area you don’t want it to go to. (That would have helped if I blocked the tore up carpet with it. You live and your learn.) I linked an extra magnetic boundary strip at the bottom of the page as well. You don’t want to leave small area rugs or blankets/clothes in the floor while it’s running because it just gets caught up and stops. Same concept if you were pushing a vacuum and ran right over objects. You wouldn’t do that so just pick up everything before starting it!

Yes I named my Robot Rhonda. I honestly don’t use the app just because I run the vacuum while I get ready in the morning. I have used it in the past and it works great! It’s fun to mess with your significant other while they’re at home though because you can start it up from anywhere! My fiancé’s response response was, “turn it back off.”😂 I couldn’t fool him.

Side note, I don’t have Alexa in my house but this robot has the capability to operate by voice control too!

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