Amazon outfit FTW

I am not a very stylish or put-together person but sometimes, I like to surprise ya’ll!

Most of this came from Amazon over a period of time and since you can really only shop online right now, I figured I would share this one.

I added the jean jacket to this dress because I don’t like to show my arms but it is flattering either way! This dress is also modest in the chest! The dress comes in many different colors and also has the option for short sleeves!
I got this Louis Vuitton knockoff backpack to have a cute carry-on when we travel! Our next stop is Montego Bay, Jamaica for our honeymoon!
I’m obviously on a leopard print streak so I couldn’t resist these Tory Burch knockoffs!

Lastly, here is the dress without a jacket! The backpack purse also has an extra strap to carry on your shoulder if you prefer that. I just realized it is out of stock on Amazon but I linked a similar one. So sorry! Love this bag and wish it was still available!

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2 thoughts on “Amazon outfit FTW

  1. Shelby I love this post, so many cute things! This also gives me some great ideas for Christmas gifts. I know it’s only April but I shop all year for the holidays.

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