Dog birthday parties

Things have changed when it comes to dogs and their place in the household! These days, more and more folks are treating their dogs like children, including myself. 🙂 You can thank millennials for this! We love our fur babies. They sleep with us at night. We make sure they’re comfortable, happy, have full bellies, and get their playtime. They basically run the house. I find myself getting up every 5 minutes for my 3 dogs sometimes. In…out..scratch…in…throw the ball…squeak, “don’t eat that!,” gotta pee- ok, back out! Whew, and I wonder why I’m so tired all the time! On our days off, we feel bad for being at work on the other days so we cater to all the fur and feathered babies!

Bruster’s gave us little cups of ice cream for the pups! So sweet.♥️

Okay, so when is your dog’s birthday? Or dogs’ birthdays? Our beagle’s birthday is in October and our Golden Retriever’s special day is in March!

Let’s be real, Hopper doesn’t care about the toys so Banx took them. They love their pooch cakes, though!
Banx is so happy for Hopper’s 2nd birthday!

The first couple birthdays, we bought our pooch cakes online! You can get them on Amazon or Chewy. Some of them come with a cute bone shaped, microwaveable, silicone pan. Others come with icing. You can also buy pooch ice cream!

I have found recipes and made my own pooch cakes and treats as well! They’re pretty easy to make and it’s nice when you already have the silicone pan for future uses!

Taking the pups out for treats!

So far, we have done our birthdays with just our pups but you can throw a pup party and invite all their furry friends over! (May the odds be in your favor)!

We don’t use raw hides regularly but once in a while, Hopper gets one of these as a treat! He loves them.

We like to get a few of their favorite objects as their “presents.” Banx, our golden, loves squeaky tennis balls! He especially loves the chuck-it thrower because it really gets the ball out there for him to run! Hopper, our beagle, is okay with some treats because he doesn’t care about toys! (Unless he sees another dog with a toy and he steals it just to be spiteful).

Don’t forget the Happy Birthday bandana! Make sure you check the size before ordering! Banx needed like an extra large.
I couldn’t leave out my best friend’s Border Collie, Chase Outlaw!
His sweet second birthday!

Hope you loved these sweet pics of our fur babies! Enjoy your birthday shenanigans!

I have to include my old girl, Bella! She’s in her late teens and we don’t know when her birthday is but she always gets to eat the pooch cake!

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