Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! There is still time to get some meaningful gifts for all the special moms in your life!

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These gifts can actually be for any occasion for women. We love cozy gifts and things that help us relax!

I always like to buy something useful to put gifts in instead of just a bag. Bags are cute but some people don’t reuse them or forget they have them. I love using baskets for this reason!

What are you going to fill your bag or basket with? Moms deserve pampering. Face masks, candles, bath bombs, plush towels, a book, cozy things, new socks, slippers, blankets.. What does she like? What does she sacrifice to take care of everyone else? If your mom likes wine, add a bottle of wine. If she likes coffee, put a nice coffee in there! Or even a new mug!

If your wife or mom is a coffee lover, you should check out the Nespresso machine! It is definitely on my wish list! If you want her to save money and stop going to Starbucks everyday, this is it! You can get the more affordable ones or the fancier one (like the white one linked below). Personally, that’s the one I’ve had my eye on for a while!

A personalized frame picture of you and mom or of the family is always an easy, yet sentimental gift.

You could also spend a little more and get mom something to help make cleaning easier for her!

House plants! I love giving (and receiving) flowers…but even more so, plants! They last longer and you get to watch them grow. (As long as you don’t kill them like I have many times).

As a lot of you already know, I am a Rodan and Fields consultant. Face masks, Lashboost, and Active Hydration Serum are all great gifts for any female! Contact me if you would like to learn about the skincare products from the #1 skincare company in the nation! Whether you are treating yourself or someone else, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

When you are ordering things online, make sure you check the delivery date! Sometimes items will be on back-order or “in stock on ___ date.” Keep an eye out for those! Lots of deliveries are being delayed so only order on Amazon this late if you have prime! I just reactivated my prime because I was tired of month-long shipping dates.

If you are social distancing from the person you want to send a gift, you can ship it directly to their house! Have fun and happy gifting. 🙂

If you are a mom, comment what you like to get on your special day! (Other than peace and quiet).

Men, you’re welcome!

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