Tempurpedic Mattress Review

My husband and I bought our king size, Tempurpedic LUXEbreeze, soft mattress with a Tempurpedic Ergo Adjustable Base almost 2 years ago. Today, I was making my bed and just thought I would share our experience with this set. At first, I did not think I would like it. I have slept on old lumpy mattresses growing up, mattresses with box springs under them, and I have tried a mattress in a box. The Tempurpedic was not immediately mind-blowing. We ordered ours from Ashley Furniture on a payment plan with no interest.

Tempurpedic has a 90-night trial period after purchasing. We considered returning ours, but we missed the window. However, after sleeping on it much longer, we have gotten used to it. It is pretty comfortable and we love the adjustable base. It is a very thick mattress and we chose the SOFT option. The other options are medium and firm. It is important to go lay on these beds before you make a decision. You should also speak to an expert about the firmness in relation to the position you sleep in at night. Note that the mattresses in the store have been laid on quite a bit so they feel much softer and “broken in” than the one you will receive brand new. I think that was part of our issue when we first got ours. It didn’t feel as soft as the one in the store. (Now, it is more broken in so it feels softer).

We chose the cooling mattress because our pets tend to sleep with us and it gets hot. No one likes to sweat in bed. The mattress is extremely cool. However, the mattress cover does tend to block some of that coolness, due to the leak-proof barrier. I will discuss the cover more in the next paragraph.

When we were finalizing our purchase, the salesman was very pushy about purchasing a mattress cover. This was an extra expense and I usually don’t like spending even more on add-ons after a major purchase. He convinced us to get the cover after talking about how much we are spending on the mattress and the need to protect it. We have multiple dogs and a child now so this was a good decision. Not only have we saved our mattress from many stains and smells, but this cover literally holds your fitted sheet in place. When I have to remove the mattress cover to wash it and place sheets on the bed without the cover, they DO NOT stay in place. With every move, the sheets slide right off the corner. I believe this is due to a combination of the thickness of the mattress, how slick it is, and that I did not get sheets with extra deep pockets. Still, GET THE MATTRESS COVER.

The adjustable base has spoiled us. It has a light underneath the bed that we like to keep on as a night light for our daughter most nights. The head and feet adjust to your preference. This is really nice if you are sitting up watching TV or just want to elevate your tired legs. Lastly, there are vibration options, which are meant to relieve stress. We have used this while trying to sooth our daughter to sleep as a baby.

To make this short and sweet, we do like our bed. However, I still believe there are better options out there for the amount of money we spent on it. I wish we had spent more time shopping around to make sure we were certain this is what we wanted. Sleeping on decisions is not my strong point! 🙂

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