Wax your eyebrows at home!

With all of the salons being closed during quarantine, I thought I would share what I have been doing for my eyebrows for several months. I found this waxing kit on Amazon. I was paying $10-$12 per month, sometimes twice a month, to get my eyebrows waxed professionally. I wanted to save some money and driving time and I figured this would pay itself off after about 2 uses! I attached image links at the bottom of this page if you are interested!

This is what the wax melting pot looks like. You turn the knob to high and the light should be on. When it gets to the right temperature, the light turns off. When the light turns off, turn the knob back to medium.
While the wax is melting.
The kit comes with several wax bean packs, cardboard drip covers, and some wide popsicle sticks. I use regular popsicle sticks for application to my eyebrows but you can get creative and use what you want.
Here, you’ll see where the light turned off and I put the knob back to medium.
I use the same drip cover for as long as I can. No reason to throw them out after each use!
When I dip the popsicle stick into the wax, I let it cool for just a few seconds. It is very hot right away!
Waxing time!
You get the idea.
The bottom piece of wax you see is the first application I attempted to my right eyebrow. I had pulled it toward the direction of the hair which is less painful…but it does not work well. The top two pieces of wax are after pulling against the hair follicles. Yes, it is more painful, but it works.
After waxing, the area is red. You can use any sort of toner, aloe, witch hazel, or vitamin E oil you would like to soothe the area. This is what I had on my counter so it is what I used today!
After any wax session, there is usually some hair left behind. So get your tweezers and touch it up!
Thanks for reading!

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