Bissell Crosswave

A couple years ago; my, now husband, brought home another cleaning machine for our floors. I say another because he had gone on this streak of buying new cleaning tools/machines every week it seemed as his way of helping around the house. I think he was trying to figure out which one I liked best so I wouldn’t need or ask for help. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about.

Now I am seeing all the rave about this Bissell Crosswave as if it just came out. So now I feel like I have to tell you all about our experience with it. We have had ours so long that I don’t even think its sold anymore. I couldn’t find a link anywhere. It looks like Bissell has come out with the new Pet Pro and if I didn’t already have mine, I would totally buy that one based on our experience with this one!

We have dogs and cats. The Bissell Crosswave was a life-saver because I hateee mopping. I used to use the Swiffer but the pads would dry out before I even finished one room!

Also- you DON’T have to sweep first! This is a 2-in-1 machine!

With the Crosswave, you fill up the chamber to the water line and then formula line based on the size area you are cleaning. Then, place the canister back where it goes. You can get the formula in most stores or even on amazon! (Link through photo below!)

The rolling brush latches nicely in place and the cover clips on to cover it.

You can see how much we use this by how dirty it is.

There are two buttons on the handle- “rug” and “hard floor.” I mostly use it on the hard floor but I have used it on the carpets before and it worked well. There have been times the pups have had an upset tummy and went number 2 on the carpet. I would pick up what I could with paper towels then go over the area with the Crosswave until it came clean. After using it to clean up something like that, I would soak the roller in the sink with bleach or something to clean it and remove the smell.

Once you have it filled up and everything in place, push the button and start cleaning! There is a lever underneath the handle that you hold while you are pushing it forward. That puts the water and formula cleaner down on the floors while the brush spins. Then, walk backwards with the machine without holding the lever to suction the liquid back up into the collection container. Repeat this until you have gone over the entire floor.

To the left you see how dirty our floors get with all our pets! To the right is after the Bissell Crosswave cleans it!

The Bissell is created to “self-clean.” I do this by putting it back on its stand and running it in place for 30 seconds to a minute. You push the lever to release cleaning solution then let it go while it suctions and spins which cleans its brush.

At the end of your cleaning extravaganza with your new-found-love, you will have a collection chamber full of dirty water, hair, and fur (if you have fur babies). I usually just take this outside and dump it then rinse it out with the water hose. I wouldn’t put any of that stuff down my drains but you can also dump in the trash if you’re taking that out as well.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your new Bissell Crosswave as much as we have!

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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