Clean and Condition your Cowboy Boots!

Procrastination is one of my greatest skills. I am finishing up my first year of my Master’s program and have ONE MORE assignment left to do. Yet, here I am conditioning my boots! I also cleaned one of my fiance’s pairs. I got him this pair for Christmas (4 MONTHS AGO) and look at them! I mean come on. You have nice boots for outings and then you have your “do-everything-in-the-yard-step-in-poo” dirty boots. I guess I have no room to talk. It was raining today and I was wearing my glossy boots pictured below. I went outside to feed the chickens and stepped in a giant puddle. I think that’s why they have so many creases in them…from getting them wet all the time. I have rain boots, would ya know?! Why do we do this to ourselves? Anyway, here are some satisfying before and after photos of me cleaning and conditioning the boots. The leather looked so dehydrated before and this was well over-do.

Conditioned and not conditioned!
You can see which boot is conditioned! Looks so much better!
My favorite boots, Twisted X’s. After conditioning!
Before…these were so dry. I have had them for a few years but do almost everything in them because they’re so comfortable.
These are the ones with creases I was referring to! The one on your right is conditioned. After finishing them, I burned the tags off with a lighter. This helps keep them from continuing to come out.
My first pair of boots ever! These are old but still do their job. Again, the boot on the right is conditioned. I linked a similar version of these plus a men’s pair right below.
This is only part of our collection but the ones I worked on today! We love our boots!

I used Scout Boot Care but you can use Mink oil or other brands. I used to think the conditioner would come out brown and worried about staining but it is actually white and goes on clear! It doesn’t mess up any design on the boot and is okay for glossy boots as well. They also have various types of conditioner for different boots such as reptile/snakeskin boots! Linked below for you to see! The exact kind I was using is no longer available on amazon but I linked some similar and made sure they had great reviews!

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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